Mother's Instinct Lactation

Lactation support in North Attleboro, MA

and surrounding areas

Jennifer DeMarco, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Signs that you might need help with breastfeeding:

  • difficulty with latching
  • pain in the breast or nipple
  • tongue or lip ties
  • bruising or skin damage to nipples or areola
  • difficulty with pumping
  • blocked milk ducts
  • engorged breasts
  • breast infection (mastitis)
  • low milk supply
  • oversupply
  • infant jaundice
  • poor weight gain
  • history of chest, breast or nipple surgery
  • formula supplementation
  • fussy or colicky baby
  • suspected food allergy or intolerance
  • you have been advised to wean your baby
  • you have been advised to pump and dump your milk

Why choose an IBCLC?

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is the only internationally recognized credential in breastfeeding support. I was required to provide documentation of my lactation training and 1000 hours of clinical experience with breastfeeding mothers to  be eligible to take the certification exam. IBCLCs must re-certify through extensive continuing education every five years.

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Simply put, an IBCLC is the most extensively trained and experienced person to assist with lactation difficulties.