Mother's Instinct Lactation

Lactation support and education based in North Attleboro, MA

Jennifer DeMarco, BSN, RN, IBCLC

One of a parents most basic instincts is to nurture their new infant through breastfeeding and chestfeeding. This unique bond provides benefits that will last a lifetime!

My goal as a lactation consultant is to support every family in meeting their infant's needs in the way that best suits their unique relationship. Choose telehealth, in-home or office appointments. 

If your instincts, or your care provider, tells you that feeding isn't right then it's a good time to meet with me.

Service Area

I can help with:

I am now offering home visits again! Virtual visits are available for any family with safety concerns.

I will travel up to 30 min from North Attleboro including parts of RI. Please call or text for home visits outside of this service area.

Due to frequent summer travel, I also offer seasonal service in the Northern White Mountain region of NH. Online scheduling is not available for this area. Please call or text 508-212-7284 for an appointment and pricing.

  • breast/nipple pain
  • multiples
  • inducing lactation
  • relactation
  • engorgement
  • blocked ducts
  • bottle feeding
  • slow weight gain
  • jaundice
  • weaning
  • low milk supply

  • oversupply
  • tongue or lip tie
  • breast infection (mastitis)
  • infant weight loss
  • breast pumping
  • nipple shields
  • medication facts
  • food allergy
  • baby wearing
  • returning to work